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Equality, freedom of religion and compassion for others are among our most cherished values. Yet prejudice and hatred continue to exist in Canada – and are more common than most of us care to admit.

We may feel that prejudice doesn’t affect us personally. In reality, disharmony in our communities impacts quality of life for all of us. And we all have the ability to realize change for the better.

One child at a time, one school at a time, one community group at a time, FAST programs are helping to create the kind of Canada we can all be proud to call home. We need your leadership to make it happen.

Classrooms are powerful environments for positive social change. Watch students talk about how Choose Your Voice has made an impact on them.

FAST resources have been implemented in most elementary, middle and secondary schools in Canada, as well as many universities and colleges.

Since 2005, Choose Your Voice and Voices into Action have reached approximately 3 million students, in every province and territory.

Think outside the school

We all have something new to learn about social justice and human rights. FAST programs are in demand by community groups and organizations representing the diversity of Canadian society. Museums, religious groups, police associations and even Canada’s prison systems have taken up the torch. Think about how you can inspire greater understanding and tolerance in your community.

Why not “FAST forward” on important commemoration days?

Help to bring social issues to the forefront by including FAST activities in special community events related to:

  • Black History Month, February
  • International Women’s Day, March 8
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, March 21
  • International Day of Pink, April 13
  • Pink Shirt Day, May 4
  • National Aboriginal Day, June 21
  • Canadian Multiculturalism Day, June 27
  • Holocaust Education Week, first week of November
  • Remembrance Day, November 11
  • International Human Rights Day, December 10