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Would you like to help in the fight against antisemitism and all intolerance?

Donations may be made through our CanadaHelps page: Donate to FAST
Charitable donation receipts will be provided for tax purposes.
If you have any questions. Please contact Nicole Miller, FAST Executive Director.


Would you like to help in the fight against antisemitism and all intolerance?

Donations may be made through our CanadaHelps page: Donate to FAST
Charitable donation receipts will be provided for tax purposes.
If you have any questions. Please contact Nicole Miller, FAST Executive Director.

Ontario and Nunavut

Nicole Miller

FAST Executive Director
Based in Toronto, ON

Tel: (416) 916-8366

Nicole Miller is honoured to be the Executive Director of FAST – Fighting Antisemitism Together®. Her role with FAST began as program coordinator for Ontario region in 2008. She grew up in South Africa under the system of apartheid and fighting racism and discrimination have always been very important to her. At age 12, Nicole immigrated with her family to Canada. Following high school in Toronto, Nicole attended McGill University and graduated with a BA in languages. She also spent a semester in Italy and worked in London, U.K. At age 21, she moved to New York to study at Parsons School of Design, graduating with a BFA in Communication Design. After 12 years in New York working as an advertising and design Art Director, she relocated to Toronto in 1996 with her husband and children to take partnership in a boutique design firm.

Nicole has always taken a keen interest in education, playing an active role in the education of her children and volunteering marketing and design expertise to their schools. After 25 years in advertising and design, she wanted to give back to community and do something rewarding with her experience and expertise. She is committed to human rights and carrying out the mission of Tony and Elizabeth Comper to eradicate antisemitism and racism. She feels strongly about giving her three sons a Canadian education and raising them as Canadians who will also fight intolerance.

British Columbia

Jodi Derkson

FAST Director of Educational Programs BC

Tel: (604) 767-2139

Jodi Derkson was born in Montreal where she participated in drama throughout her education. After graduating from McGill University with a BA, Jodi decided to head for British Columbia. She worked first in the film business, then decided to pursue her true vocation by becoming a BC certified teacher. She subsequently taught for ten years as a secondary school Drama and English teacher for the Vancouver School Board. Jodi attained a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Planning from UBC with a final project of writing/directing a play entitled Bridges that raised $5500.00 for an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. Since 2012 Jodi has been proud to be the FAST Director of Educational Programs for British Columbia. She has worked with many educators and students on various initiatives including Voices into Acting that she spearheaded. Jodi also founded Imperative Education to teach anti-bullying with young people and educators. She wholeheartedly believes that opening the dialogue on sensitive/difficult topics with FAST’s resources is an effective way to reduce racism and to foster inclusion in our schools and beyond.

Quebec (Please see the French websites for information on Parlez et Agissez and Choisissez Votre Voix)

Daniel Amar

FAST Director of Educational Programs Quebec

Tel: (514) 246-1990

After graduating with a degree from l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC Montréal) and with a Masters in Political Science from l’Université de Montréal, Daniel Amar held various positions with the Quebec government from 1996 to 2003. He worked as the International Business Advisor at the office of the Premier of Quebec, Chief of Staff to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Economic Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Finance and as Press Officer to the Minister of International Relations. Daniel Amar has also had positions as a project analyst for a large property firm and as an account director for a trust company. He was an Associate at the venture capital firm, JDS Capital. Since 2012, he has been the Director and Associate at EmmaCom, a company specializing in government relations. Daniel lives in Montreal and is the proud father of two children currently studying at university. He has been FAST Regional Director for Quebec since 2011.

Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon

Lisa Wilder Raber

FAST Director of Educational Programs AB

Tel: (403) 998-5570

Lisa was adopted and raised in a Jewish family in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Unbeknownst to her parents, she had been placed in the adoption system illegally during what is now termed, “the 60s Scoop”. As an adult, she connected with her biological family and learnt her truth…she and her older brother were taken from their mother because she was a single Métis woman.

Before moving to Calgary in 2005, Lisa worked predominantly in the banking industry, then with a growing family her focus shifted to family and community. In 2009 she began her role as Regional Director of Educational Programs for FAST in Alberta and has not looked back.

Having a foot in two different oppressed communities is what gives Lisa her drive to bring about change in this world, and FAST is the perfect outlet through which to do it. She looks forward to continuing to carry on the traditions of her Jewish heritage, while proudly discovering and integrating those of her Aboriginal roots as well.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Larry Mikulcik

FAST Director of Educational Programs SK/MB

Tel: (306) 221-5334

Larry was raised and educated in rural Saskatchewan, receiving his post-secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan. He taught for thirty years in rural Saskatchewan and worked for two years as a Curriculum Coach after leaving the classroom. During his career Larry specialized in the social sciences and received recognition for his pedagogy, and his work with citizenship and human rights education. Outside of the classroom Larry supported education through curriculum and resource development.

He has also worked with the provincial and federal speakers’ offices to enhance the understanding of parliamentary democracy in the classroom. Larry facilitated at annual parliamentary institutes for teachers in Regina and Ottawa where teachers gained first-hand knowledge about our democratic process. After using the FAST resources in his classroom Larry is most pleased to take over the role of Program Coordinator for the Manitoba and Saskatchewan region. (David Katzman has retired.)

Atlantic Provinces

Amanda Reddick

FAST Program Coordinator for the Atlantic region

Tel: (902) 441-8382


Amanda Reddick is a well-known mediator and facilitator in Atlantic Canada. She is a graduate in Peace and Conflict Studies/Religious Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. Amanda lived in Toronto for 10 years and moved back to the Atlantic in 1994. She currently lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where she has two children. Her areas of facilitation and consultation range from anti-racism, comprehensive organizational inclusiveness initiatives, diversity, equity and inclusion, dialogue for peaceful change as it has to do with issues of social justice, racial inequity and historical understanding (the latter has been specifically for the Nova Scotia Black and Mi’Kmaq context). Amanda is an internationally certified mediator through Dialogue for Peaceful Change (DPC).